Employers: Post a Contract Job Opening Here

Employers: Post a Contract Job Opening Here
September 6, 2019 Heather Olson
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To engage Soladay Olson’s talent pipeline, let’s post your open contract position here — whether short-term or long-term and part-time or full-time temporary.

Soladay Olson’s vast network includes Minnesota creatives and marketers, sales and management professionals in agency, corporate, and non-profit roles. Connections may extend into surrounding Midwest states and both coasts as well.

The job description, written by you, will run for one month at https://soladayolson.com/find-a-great-job/. During that month, Heather will promote your contract opening in her social channels (shown below) once per week.

LinkedIn: soladayolson

Facebook: soladayolson

Twitter: @heather_s_olson

Instagram: @hsolson

To help you track whether the candidates have come through soladayolson.com, Heather suggests you ask in the job description posted here that applicants label their email subject line “Job Title, Your Name > Referred by Soladay Olson.”

Employers are encouraged to support the success of the search by…

  • Posting the job opening on your own website and promoting it in your social media.
  • Providing a bias-reduced, inclusive, and equitable experience to attract a diverse talent base.


Soladay Olson will not be held responsible for the number of candidates that apply, the quality of their performance, nor the duration of their contract employment should you hire them.

Soladay Olson does not anticipate any further compensation for candidate referrals acquired through this Contract-Only Job-Posting option unless additional months of job board use are desired.

If it is the employer’s intent to make this a Contract-to-Hire employment situation, Soladay Olson prefers to engage in Referral-Only or Full-Service talent acquisition to appropriately target the candidate search. Check out https://soladayolson.com/build-your-team/ to learn more.


Contact heather@soladayolson.com to get the process started and arrange for payment of the month-long promoted job posting for a flat fee of $300.