What People Say

What People Say

Find a Great Job

  • “During the COVID-19 pandemic, we were all facing unknowns and uncertainties regarding work and workplaces, but one thing became quickly apparent working with Soladay Olson — Heather is a powerhouse. She works with you to not only identify suitable opportunities that are reflective of your background and where you want to grow, but also provides feedback and insights that are actionable for job seeking and networking. Heather is a stunningly potent advocate and a great friend to have in building both a network and a community that will work for you. I cannot express my gratitude enough for Heather’s guidance and support. I definitely recommend her!”

    Marshall Fenty
    Marshall FentyFounder & Principal ClinOps Consultant, Target Bio Research
  • “HI, Heather. I wanted to follow up with the news that I was offered a spectacular position a couple of weeks after we last messaged. Thank you so much for that incredible document, and for being such a great resource in the Cities and beyond. Your support means a lot.”

    Emily James
    Emily JamesAssociate Product Designer, Tempo by Clockwork
  • “Thank you so much for making time for me! I’m really thankful for the lengths you went to help me, recommending people you know for me to reach out to more comfortably, opportunities that fit me, and associations I can join. I felt like I got a good sense of direction and next steps I can take.”

    Kyna Min
    Kyna MinSocial Media Marketer, #OPENTOWORK
  • “I greatly appreciated you shepherding me through the process and helping me feel truly poised and prepped for my interviews. The detailed information you gathered and the notes you imparted in my direction were incredibly helpful.”

    Erika Camplin
    Erika CamplinSenior Director of Client Strategy, Ingredient
  • “Working with Heather through my career search has been a seamless process. She takes the time to know you personally, and helps with the process of finding a role that is suited for you and your new employer. Heather is a creative-career matchmaker! I can’t say thank you enough!”

    Danielle Olmscheid
    Danielle OlmscheidDesigner, Keenspace
  • “Thanks to your helpful sharing of resources, I landed a new job. Your advice provided action steps and structure to a daunting process. My past experiences with layoffs had affected my self-confidence. But you reminded me that the fundamentals still work: persistence, connections, applications, variety of search tactics. I have recommended you to my colleagues. You’re the best!”

    Colleen Boyce
    Colleen BoyceResearch Assistant, Hennepin Healthcare Research Institute
  • “The targeted companies list you had me create was incredibly helpful in gaining a good understanding of the landscape and where I may fit. I also really appreciate all of your contributions to LinkedIn — they are some of the more interesting and helpful posts I see out there.”

    Hallie Steele
    Hallie SteeleDirector of Marketing, Nerdery
  • “I enjoyed our conversation and was dazzled by how quickly you match ideas with actual contacts. Contacts are invaluable. Job hunting is emotionally hard work. Meeting with you, Heather, helps strategically but it also is a big help for morale.”

    Mark Shafer
    Mark ShaferSenior Art Director, Mark Shafer Design

Build Your Team

  • “Thank you for all you’ve done! All the Executive Director candidates have expressed how easy it has been working with you and how streamlined the process has felt.”

    Thomas Lang
    Thomas LangFormer Board Chair, ArtStart/ArtScraps
  • Thank you, again, for making this process as painless as possible. I am super impressed with your recruiting tactics, workflow, and the joy you bring to this work. And so happy I can offload this onto someone else because it definitely isn’t my expertise!”

    Renita Faye
    Renita FayeCEO + Founder, Addwomxn
  • “I know Heather to be a fantastic resource in connecting designers + agencies, and she has connections at some of the more premium retail and branding firms. She’s basically the heart of the creative community in the Twin Cities, and a wonderful woman to know.”

    Jess Corner
    Jess CornerManaging Director, The Creative Partners Group
  • “Always appreciate your updates and check-ins, Heather. This process with you has been awesome — from the support and candidate-finding to talent vetting and keeping things moving — it’s been a dream. Which, in all honesty, in my experience has seldom been the case w/ recruiters I’ve worked with in the past. So I can’t tell you how much I value that — and value you!”

    Shanna Apitz
    Shanna ApitzPresident + Chief Creative Officer, Hunt Adkins
  • “I have known Heather for many years and she is passionate about creating meaningful connections in the MSP marketing industry. She also is a thoughtful partner in the recruiting process and pours her expertise into every opportunity, always bringing forth her knowledge and support. Our industry and communities are so much better because of the care that Heather adds!”

    Natasha Fonville
    Natasha FonvilleBrand + Creative Director, Atmosphere Commercial Interiors
  • “Thank you for the quality postings, candidates, and streamlined process. It was the best I have ever experienced.”

    Josh Hanson
    Josh HansonFounder, WORKSHOP
  • “Thank you for your help with recruitment. You made it quick and painless!”

    Lisa Illies
    Lisa IlliesSenior Manager, TV Creative & Production, Slumberland
  • “Heather broke the mold on candidates she sent us. All have been quality individuals who are business professionals.”

    Wade Wenzel
    Wade WenzelCreative Director, MVP Marketing + Design

Get New Clients

  • This process does not seem to be an exact science, but I feel so much better having specific assignments to help make it smoother, and guardrails I can acknowledge. Makes the whole thing feel less overwhelming.”

    Emily Simon
    Emily SimonFreelance Writer/Producer
  • “You threw me a life raft in this next step in my career.”

    Joshua Copeland
    Joshua CopelandGraphic Designer & Founder, Opelandia
  • “I really appreciated the commitment and effort that you provided. In a matter of 30 minutes I felt like I had a solid action plan of who to contact, what to adjust with my presentation, and how to navigate the ever-shifting world of connections. Within the same month, I had secured a desired internship with your guidance. Heather is truly deserving of the ‘Miracle Worker’ title!”

    Anthony Cervantez
    Anthony CervantezComposer, Game Audio Implementation, Audio Editing, VR-Head
  • “You have been extraordinarily generous with your advice, support, introductions, and friendship to me and my business. I (and so many others) are very appreciative of the nurturing and empowerment you provide to help make our creative community vibrant!”

    Leslie McDougall
    Leslie McDougallOwner + Creative Director, Stir Creative and Adjunct Graphic Design Faculty, North Hennepin Community College
  • “Heather’s extensive social media network is an asset to her clients: She is attentive to new opportunities and has remained a tireless advocate for my business interests. I strongly recommend Heather to any and all creatives who want to build their businesses, and do so with a consummate professional.”

    Sandy Wolfe Wood
    Sandy Wolfe WoodPrincipal, Designing Change
  • “I can’t express my gratitude enough for the connections you’ve introduced my business to.”

    Mike Voermans
    Mike VoermansFounder, Pixelsmith
  • “I’m getting a surprising number of responses to the marketing emails (over 25%), and I’ve only sent off about 12 messages. Nice work finding me some good leads! What I love the most is that I own the relationships you help me establish.”

    Robert Campbell
    Robert CampbellOwner, Production Designer and Photo Retoucher, Tuckyhut LLC
  • “I wanted to say thank you for being such a helpful ally and friend to those of us just starting. There are so many people who do not extend their hands or resources in such a way as you do.”

    Precious Wallace
    Precious WallaceSenior Creative & Founder, King P. Studio