What People Say

What People Say

Hire Diverse Talent

  • Hiring designers is one of the most important jobs I have to do and one I never have time to do well. I was thrilled to be able to put my trust in someone that understands the balance of skills, experience, communication, and talent. I was wowed by the candidates and I saved so much time working with Heather.

    Tricia Christiansen
    Tricia ChristiansenCreative Director, Christiansen Creative, Hudson, WI
  • The candidates were all pretty great, Heather. We really could have hired 4 out of the 5 we saw. Nice job connecting with such good young people.

    Tim Sauer
    Tim SauerPartner, Supervox Agency, Minneapolis
  • Heather is in the fortunate position of having an incredible reputation not only as an industry thought leader, but also as a cornerstone for our own local community. It would be a net-positive for ANY organization to work with her.

    Kyle Wyatt
    Kyle WyattPrincipal and Owner, Wyatt Office of Design, St. Paul
  • Thank you for taking time to help, Heather…[the candidate] accepted a design position. You’re an amazing matchmaker!

    Chris Conyers
    Chris ConyersCreative Director, Des Moines
  • Soladay Olson’s help in searching for a new designer was invaluable to us.  Heather made the process incredibly easy and fun. I would highly recommend her recruitment services.

    Corey Siewert
    Corey SiewertDirector of Production, Media Loft, Minneapolis
  • Heather is organized, responsive, connected, encouraging, and energetic. In my experience, she is committed and follows through on what she promises.

    Jenny Schmitz-Hinshaw
    Jenny Schmitz-HinshawPresident Emeritus, AIGA Minnesota, Minneapolis
  • I trust in your acquired perspective and connections. I have always admired your dedication to AIGA and the local industry agenda.

    Peggy Lauritsen
    Peggy LauritsenChief Executive Artist, PLDG, Minneapolis

Find a Great Job

  • What does it feel like to land a job with the help of Heather Olson? A good fit! Thanks again. This 1st week has been great.

    Jeff Carpenter
    Jeff CarpenterDesigner, Minneapolis
  • Let me say how terrific I felt after our meeting. We covered a lot of important territory and set forth an action plan. I love that you’re holding me accountable!

    Nancy Eato
    Nancy EatoCreative Director, Neato Designs, Minneapolis
  • You’ve been so supportive of our programs and students and the design community in general. So good to have you as a friend and colleague — and part of our college community!

    Lori Mollberg
    Lori MollbergDirector of Alumni Relations, University of Minnesota College of Design, Twin Cities
  • YES! Job offer has been accepted, notice has been given, excitement has begun! I can’t thank you enough for reaching out to me about the position and for your assistance along the way.

    Rebekka DesLauriers
    Rebekka DesLauriersProject Manager, PLDG, Minneapolis
  • Heather has outstanding communication skills and a coast-to-coast network!

    Wolfgang Strack
    Wolfgang StrackVice President of Creative, Extractable, San Francisco
  • When I tell how I got here, I always share how meeting with Heather was critical…she made me believe in how important it is to create connections, ask questions, and be willing to listen and improve. Heather did not dismiss me, she inspired me.

    Rachel Hardacre
    Rachel HardacreCreative, Zeus Jones Ltd, Minneapolis

Get New Clients

  • Thank you, Heather, for inspiring us and getting us thinking and talking about ways to market ourselves [in the workshop]. It was a lively, engaging, and fun two hours. I have my commitment card in front of me on my desk.

    Rebecca Banwell
    Rebecca BanwellArt Director, Queen B Creative, Maple Grove
  • Encouraged, focused, motivated — thank you for ALL those benefits of our meeting last week. I’m scheduling several one-on-ones [ with mentors and prospects ] right now!

    Adam Demers
    Adam DemersDesigner, Tiny Office, Minneapolis
  • Nothing like luncheon with @heather_s_olson to get your synapses firing on all cylinders. I strongly recommend it!

    Brent Stickels
    Brent StickelsPartner, YYES, Minneapolis
  • There is no one more connected in “the biz” than you. Wherever you go, they will be lucky to get your know-how.

    Kris Thayer
    Kris ThayerAudience Engagement Strategist/Senior Designer, Mia, Minneapolis
  • We enjoyed our meeting with you! We realized how many opportunities we’ve left unexplored, which is encouraging. We found your questions insightful and helpful. Self-examination is always challenging and we see the value in the services you can provide. We’ll be in touch!

    Holly Robbins
    Holly RobbinsPartner, This is Folly, Minneapolis
  • I went ahead with your fantastic suggestion and sent examples of current trends in design, and added my own commentary. The response [ from the prospective client ] looks encouraging! Thanks for your great recommendation of how to handle this situation. I think it was pivotal!

    Bob Goebel
    Bob GoebelOwner, Goebel Design, St. Paul
  • Heather is a stellar agent and strategist.

    Jason Schoch
    Jason SchochGraphic Design Professor, North Hennepin Community College, Brooklyn Park