What People Say

What People Say

Find a Great Job

  • “Thanks to your helpful sharing of resources, I landed a new job. Your advice provided action steps and structure to a daunting process. My past experiences with layoffs had affected my self-confidence. But you reminded me that the fundamentals still work: persistence, connections, applications, variety of search tactics. I have recommended you to my colleagues. You’re the best!”

    Colleen Boyce
    Colleen BoyceMarketing Manager, United Family Medicine
  • “Thank you so much for all your help and support. It’s been the most swift, painless interview process of my career so far!”

    Steph Mertes
    Steph MertesAssociate Art Director, Media Loft
  • “I just saw the e-mail of goodies you sent to my friend. Wow! You knocked it out of the park! The day he got off the phone with you, he felt more refreshed about his job search than he ever had and was incredibly grateful for your call.”

    Kari Jo Skogquist
    Kari Jo SkogquistOwner / Producer / Director, Skullquiz Productions LLC
  • “I GOT THE JOB! Thank you so much for helping me through this long, difficult process of finding a job. Your message of inclusion and diversity should be adopted by all job placement agencies in the Twin Cities.”

    Andrés Perez
    Andrés PerezGraphic Services Designer, Hennes Art Company (previous role)
  • “The targeted companies list you had me create was incredibly helpful in gaining a good understanding of the landscape and where I may fit. I also really appreciate all of your contributions to LinkedIn — they are some of the more interesting and helpful posts I see out there.”

    Hallie Steele
    Hallie SteeleCreative Director, The Nerdery
  • “I used your advice to punch up my LinkedIn profile, and two months later I got the job at Optum. The profile must have at least played a part in that!”

    Charlotte Bartholomew
    Charlotte BartholomewGraphic Designer, Optum
  • “I enjoyed our conversation and was dazzled by how quickly you match ideas with actual contacts. Contacts are invaluable. Job hunting is emotionally hard work. Meeting with you, Heather, helps strategically but it also is a big help for morale.”

    Mark Shafer
    Mark ShaferSenior Art Director, Mark Shafer Design
  • “I accepted an offer this week as their new Art Director/Designer. Your help in preparing me with smart questions and giving me the scoop on their employees was very much appreciated and useful!

    Melissa Kiefer
    Melissa KieferArt Director + Designer, Bolster (previous role)

Build Your Team

  • “Really, so far both hires in Photography and Graphic Design have been super easy additions who I think are going to help our team grow in these new directions. Thanks so much for all you did to help bring them to us. 🙂 “

    Hallie Stevens
    Hallie StevensDesign Director, madesmart®
  • “Thank you for the quality postings, candidates, and streamlined process. It was the best I have ever experienced.”

    Josh Hanson
    Josh HansonFounder, WORKSHOP
  • “You are a naturally gifted person when it comes to networking. Your ability to pull names and connect faces so effortlessly is amazing.”

    Tom Wilson
    Tom WilsonFounder & CEO, The Gig Agency (previous role)
  • “Thank you for your help with recruitment. You made it quick and painless!”

    Lisa Illies
    Lisa IlliesDirector of Creative Services, Slumberland
  • “I feel the recruitment process has worked very well. We met people who would not have come to our attention without your assistance.”

    Weld Ransom
    Weld RansomChief Manager, The PlanForce Group
  • “Thank you for actioning your values, Heather! This is the personal commitment it takes to bring about change.”

    DeAnna Cummings
    DeAnna CummingsCEO, Juxtaposition Arts (previous role)
  • “Heather broke the mold on candidates she sent us. All have been quality individuals who are business professionals.”

    Wade Wenzel
    Wade WenzelCreative Director, MVP Marketing + Design
  • “Thanks for your great effort. I was a bit cautious about our ability to meet the timeframe we laid out and get a great hire. And we accomplished both, could not have done it without you. Really enjoyed working with you.”

    Pat O’Brien
    Pat O’BrienInterim Director, Human Resources, The Minneapolis Foundation (previous role)

Get New Clients

  • “I attended the AdFed/Ad2 Women’s Leadership Panel this week. I loved your take on the theme ‘Untapped.’ I am a huge proponent of getting the right people to talk to each other and making those right connections — it’s how we solve problems and move forward!”

    Danielle Dubrow
    Danielle DubrowSenior Account Executive, The Lacek Group
  • “You have been extraordinarily generous with your advice, support, introductions, and friendship to me and my business. I (and so many others) are very appreciative of the nurturing and empowerment you provide to help make our creative community vibrant!”

    Leslie McDougall
    Leslie McDougallCreative Director, Stir Creative
  • “I’ve gotten really good response by everyone to your email introductions. Lots of people willing to meet or put me in contact with the right person.”

    Justin Dworak
    Justin DworakDirector of Creative, Star
  • “Heather’s extensive social media network is an asset to her clients: She is attentive to new opportunities and has remained a tireless advocate for my business interests. I strongly recommend Heather to any and all creatives who want to build their businesses, and do so with a consummate professional.”

    Sandy Wolfe Wood
    Sandy Wolfe WoodPrincipal, Designing Change
  • “I can’t express my gratitude enough for the connections you’ve introduced my business to.”

    Mike Voermans
    Mike VoermansFounder, Pixelsmith
  • “I’m getting a surprising number of responses to the marketing emails (over 25%), and I’ve only sent off about 12 messages. Nice work finding me some good leads! What I love the most is that I own the relationships you help me establish.”

    Robert Campbell
    Robert CampbellRetouching and Photocomposition, Tuckyhut LLC
  • “It was so great meeting with you. I feel like I have wasted so much time not having known you and tapping into your awesome wisdom. (And you can quote me on that!)”

    Lynda Crotty
    Lynda CrottyCopywriter, VO Actress, Demon Slayer; Crotty Shop
  • “I wanted to say thank you for being such a helpful ally and friend to those of us just starting. There are so many people who do not extend their hands or resources in such a way as you do.”

    Precious Wallace
    Precious WallaceGraphic Design Freelancer, King P Studio