Meet Heather

Heather Soladay Olson is a design industry advocate. From practicing graphic designer to recruiter of talent and marketer of creative services, her career has crossed the thresholds of design firms, ad agencies, corporate in-house groups, and sole proprietorships.

Eager, ambitious, and driven: Heather’s passion extends beyond the workday to leadership and mentor activities in our local and national design community. In 2012, she was named an AIGA Fellow.

Heather’s purpose:

Build business relationships for creative individuals and entities.

Her mission:

Change the narrative and network to increase the visibility of every professional. Encourage inclusivity and equity to reduce bias in hiring. Match-make new collaborations that produce innovation.

Her practice:

  • Connecting employers with talent of all identities.
  • Supporting jobseekers in their search.
  • Introducing entrepreneurs to prospective clients.

Heather’s greatest pleasure?

Guiding peers (at all stages) in how to maximize and promote their expertise.

How to say her company name:

Heather’s maiden name, Soladay, may be difficult to pronounce due to the Americanized spelling. Soladay was once Salladé, in French. Say soll, like doll (not sole). Or think holiday!

The rest of the story…


Services provided to this partial list of clients: talent sourcing and career guidance; marketing and new business consulting; mailing list research and prospect introductions; content creation for web, social media, online profiles, and PR.

  • Marketing
  • 5 by 5 Design
  • Blue Hot Creative
  • Creative Enterprise Zone
  • Crux Collaborative
  • Design Ahead
  • Designing Change
  • Edwards & Company
  • Forage
  • Franke+Fiorella
  • Franklin Press Inc.
  • Goebel Design
  • Ideas That Kick
  • Latitude
  • Michael Shay Design
  • Monicat Data
  • Moving Edge Media
  • Mpls Design | Brand Lab
  • North Hennepin Community College
  • Pixelsmith
  • Platt Hollow Road
  • smARTer
  • Star
  • Stir Creative
  • Taylor Design Works
  • Tuckyhut
  • Westminster Town Hall Forum
  • Wink
  • Recruitment
  • Art Buddies
  • BD’D
  • Cambio Education
  • Christiansen Creative
  • Ciceron
  • Criterion Business Development
  • Digital People
  • Discern CX
  • DUZ Creative
  • Evology
  • Florafauna
  • Hennes Art Company
  • Invenshure
  • Made for Retail
  • Madesmart
  • Media Loft
  • Minneapolis Institute of Art
  • MSP-C
  • MVP Marketing + Design
  • NEXT Precision Marketing
  • New Lab/The CPG
  • Periscope
  • PlanForce Group
  • PLDG
  • Russell Herder
  • Slumberland
  • Split Rock Studios
  • Studio On Fire
  • Supervox Agency
  • The Minneapolis Foundation
  • Vye
  • Windmill Design

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