Entrepreneurs and Job Seekers: Promote Your Availability

Entrepreneurs and Job Seekers: Promote Your Availability
February 12, 2018 Heather Olson
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Let’s build your brand awareness for new business leads, or employment availability for a great job!

To be featured in Soladay Olson social media (see accounts listed below), please email me about the fee and scheduling.

  • In these quarantine times, pay-what-you-can for one hour to implement posts. Scholarships are available to cover the fee for students and professionals who are underrepresented in their field.
  • Submit the following to put you in the queue and turn some heads…
    • your portrait and/or brand identity
    • up to 3 examples of your work (if appropriate)
    • a short statement about the type of work you do and what sets you apart
    • your website URL (if appropriate)
    • your LinkedIn and 1-2 other social accounts
    • your email

LinkedIn: soladayolson and heathersolson

Facebook: soladayolson and heatherolson

Twitter: @heather_s_olson

Instagram: @hsolson